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Edius 8.5 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4K Files

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  • Edius 8.5 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4K Files

    Having recently upgraded my DJI Quadcopter to a Phantom 4 Pro because of the better camera I am pleased at the video quality but Edius 8.52 no longer plays this smoothly in the timeline even without any effects. These are 4K 50p H.264/AVC files. Files from my Mavic Pro are 25p and play well on the timeline. Previous DJI 4K files used to include a separate geo data file so that you could see extra data from the drone. This has now been include in the video data of the new 4K 50p files and I suspect this extra data is causing the problem. In previous DJI Phantom file with separate data files, you could opt out of showing them when playing. If you did play them it caused stuttering on playback, now you dont have this option. I have a recent, hi spec computer and graphic card and use a fast SSD drive to edit from.
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how can it be fixed?
    4K high bit rate files from my Sony and Panasonic cameras play fine on the timeline.

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    you need a serious PC to handle 4k AVC at 50p

    a 10 core (20 threads) i7 CPU overclocked a bit should be able to do it

    make sure project setting matches clip, 4k or UHD, one or the other

    and make sure optical flow has not been set as slowmotion default handling
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      Those H264 files from the Phantom are so compressed that it needs huge power to play in real time in 4K. Try lower the preview quality or you can convert those files to something less compressed format.
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