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  • Multi Channel Audio in DVD


    How I convert multi channel audio track DVD from Edius. As well as we burn DVD's from RoxioDVDit HD.
    Is there any support for ProCoder2 for multi channel audio?

    Prakash Kumar
    AVCS SYSTEMS INDIA, Email : [email protected]

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    The number of channels of audio present in an AC-3 output stream depends entirely on the number of channels supported by the project preset.

    Most EDIUS project presets support just two channels of output (stereo). A few allow for four channels.

    If you have EDIUS Broadcast software, you will have access to the DVCPRO presets, which allow eight channels. It is these presets that are what you'd use to create a 5.1 AC-3 file for export...but you're limited to the frame size and resolution of preset you start with. (hence, it's not the easiest way to create 5.1 audio)

    ProCoder 3 supports up to eight channels of audio within a single AC-3 stream, and you can mix the channels with the Audio Channel Mapping filter.

    Realistically speaking however, your audio file creation is best handled in a genuine audio manipulation application. An example that some people use here is Pyramix Virtual Studio.