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Layout Woes Win10 >100% DPI Scaling

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  • Layout Woes Win10 >100% DPI Scaling

    Edius 8.51_2215

    The Layout (Normal) command does not seem to restore missing BIN and other windows when greater than 100% scaling is set for a 4k monitor. Had to reduce the scaling back to 100% to even find the missing windows again.

    Also, some windows on another screen are positioned with their title bars off the screen and so cannot be picked up by the mouse to re-position. Normal window keyboard commands don't seem to move these accessory windows either.

    This Layout management is poor IMHO. Please, if second monitors are unavailable, put the windows back on the main screen to allow the user to reset. Do not just hide them in oblivion. Also good software should never paint a window on any monitor with its title bar off screen.

    It will be good to have high DPI and Layout management working in Edius 8. Are there any workarounds other than re-scaling to 100% to fix?

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    I tried to install Edius 6 on Win 7 x64 with DPI set to 150%. What I got is completely empty Bin window (just two panes and the title) and some other missing controls. Thank God they fixed it in version 7. But how? Version 6 was released in 2011 and tested on Windows 7 (they say so), which was in use since 2009. It's just nonsense for me to have such bugs not fixed...

    Also Bin window disappears in Edius 7 (initially and on monitors configuration change) if I have an inactive monitor, which is created automatically in dual graphics card mode (because my main monitor is also plugged into the VGA port of the onboard graphics card for convenience during boot and so on). Though, reset to Normal layout helps in my case (but before it is done I have to explicitly disable the inactive monitor in screen settings).