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need help : BORIS RED4 vs. AFTER EFFECT CS3

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  • need help : BORIS RED4 vs. AFTER EFFECT CS3

    Can anybody tell me, comparations between adobe after effect CS3 and Boris RED 4 (pros and cons?)

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    I'd say the feature set is similar, it just depends where you live. By this I mean the price!

    Boris Red is euro 679 AECS3 is euro 680 - but only if you live in the US.

    AECS3 is euro 1,299 if you live in Ireland.

    (these figures are less tax, as advertised today on the internet)

    thats what I mean, compositing can be very pricy, it just depends where you want to do it.

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      Originally posted by lordxemperor View Post
      Can anybody tell me, comparations between adobe after effect CS3 and Boris RED 4 (pros and cons?)
      As Paul said, as compositing applications and feature/capabilities wise, there is a large area of intersection.

      In terms of various aspects of functionality, there are differences.

      IMO, the interfaces have different "feels." A lot of that is going to come to personal preference, but I think at this point in their respective evolutions, although Red has made strides, the AE interface is at a higher overall efficiency--makes better and more comfortable use of screen real estate and it's completely consistent with other Adobe apps that you may have comfort with.

      In terms of use with Edius, Red operates as a plug-in, AE does not. This offers in NLE titling and transition options as well as providing a conduit for the use of supported 3rd party filters. Red's integration with Edius, relative to integration with other apps, is sub-par (alpha and blank project as media limitations due to Edius operation), but it is workable and better than not being a plug-in at all.

      While there are some things that either Red or AE can claim the speed advantage in, the overall rendering speed advantage, I'm sure, is currently with AE. In some instances, this can be offset by Red's functionality as a plug-in, but there are some things that really push its render times through the roof--trails, for example, can turn a render from minutes into hours.


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        Oh, and with AE there are numerous learning/training resources. Options with Red are limited.


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          People know me as an AE advocate :)

          Also the new CS3 has mutli processor capability, so during previews (shift+numapd 0, or just numpad 0) and rendering from the queue, you will use all cores, but you will need at least 1 GB of RAM dedicated per core.

          Also Red plugs into After Effects.


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            I think another thing to consider is how many plug-ins are available to use inside After Effects, as opposed to whether AE plugs in to your editor. There are tons of them, but the ones that have really been useful to me include Zaxwerks 3d and anything by Trapcode.

            Now that Edius outputs AAF files that allow you to basically bring your Edius timeline into After Effects without rendering, I think it's a no-brainer for an Edius editor to know and use AE. While Red can do much of what AE can do, it simply can't add as much to your toolbox as After Effects does.
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              I'm 99% sure that Boris supports .aex plugins, but don't quote me on this. Roy might know better.

              The Boris GUI for me is really clunky, the way you do things...layers are "containers" or whatnot.

              Either way, most of the stuff you see on TV was pretty much done in AE. Getting your start can be very hard, but once you're into it, it's becomes as easy as editing.

              Now I will say this, if Boris worked better in Edius, you might want to take a look at it. The render engine is really slow too :(


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                Thanks to everyone for informations, very nice... :)



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                  Best bet, download demos of both and give it a try :)