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Converting DVD audio to Mono

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  • Converting DVD audio to Mono

    I've been using Canopus since the early days of the M1... great stuff. I finally ran into a problem I can't seem to wrap my head around. About 6 months ago we came out with a new DVD and began to market it. No complaints for 3 months so I went ahead and dumped the original capture and MP2 file I'd made. Now, 6 months later I find out that somehow I lost one channel of audio during post. Most customers with a stereo dvd player don't have a problem, the audio just comes from one speaker but there are a few who for some reason have only a single channel hooked up and it's inevitably the wrong one. That means they have no sound and we are getting returns because of it.... and it grates on my nerves that we sent out DVD's with a single stereo channel... sooooo

    I pulled out the VOB files (from a DVD) and put them into Edius (4.54), switched the audio to mono and sat there with my thumb up it. If I save it as an MP2 file now it undergoes another compression cycle which decreases further the quality of the video, of course I know that I'll still need to reconstruct the chapter points but that isn't the problem, the quality is.

    Anyone know how to convert the native audio on a VOB to stereo, or mono or dual channel and just save the thing exactly as it is without recompression? I don't want to demux the thing and take a chance with sync issues.

    Any thoughts on saving this thing short of recapturing, re-editing and remaking?

    Thanks for anything


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    I have done this before like this:

    1. demux the VOB to elementary streams

    2. fix the resulting audio file and save it over its original name

    3. author the DVD using the elementary streams, 99% of authoring software supports ES
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      Thanks... So far that is the only solution I've found. What did you use to demux the audio to get the elementary streams?

      I can strip the audio in Edius but I still need to export the elementary streams and that means recompression. I'm probably missing something here. That stupid pill I took last week seems to still be working.



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        There are countless applications out there for DeMuxing. Personally, I use one called "MPEG Streamclip" -


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          Thanks... I'll look into that one. I have apps and instructions from

          There are so many options in Edius that I was wondering if there was some cool trick I was missing out on.

          Thanks for the help folks.



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            Just a follow-up on this thread....

            When I posted this problem I had a complete brain fart. Whenever I finish a video for distribution I burn a DVCAM master of the finished work. All I did to solve my problem was capture the entire video back to the system, edit, recompress, re-author and move on... Easier that way than dealing with demuxing etc...

            Got to fix a few other things as well....

            Thanks for the help folks...