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3D PIP Trouble

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  • 3D PIP Trouble

    I am having trouble with keyframing a video in 3D PIP. I have the clip opening by spinning in for 3 seconds. Then I want it to stay put for most of the clip and then spin out in the same way. My problem happens when it doesn't stay where it should. The rotation moves to 102 and then back to 100 for no apparent reason. The spin goes on its own to minus 14 and back to zero before it spins out again. I can't seem to lock the settings no matter what I do. What am I doing wrong?

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    Welcome to the Forum, where no question is too silly.

    You're actually making the same mistake we all make with Keyframes the first time out. They can make you crazy!

    Experiment with the Linear and Spline buttons to get the results you expect.
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      Those buttons are easily missed. They are right above the timeline in the 3D PIP box kind of center left. They are three buttons grouped together...Constant, Linear, and Spline


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        3D PIP Trouble

        Wow...thanks so much guys. If I wasn't so stubborn trying to figure it out myself, I would have had this thing done by now. Thanks again!