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  • PAL settings question

    I have a file that I converted to PAL and now I would like to edit it in a new sequence. I opened a new EDIUS file and attempted to change the settings to PAL and it will not allow the change.

    I then left the settings as NTSC and imported the PAL file to the bin. However, I noticed that the timeline sequence settings are NTSC and I do not see how to change it to PAL.

    What am I doing wrong. I simply want to do this project in PAL and create a PAL DVD for Europe.

    I have no problems with EDIUS when in the NTSC mode.

    I have EDIUS 4.54 and running in Windows XP Pro.

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    Edius will not allow you to change between formats (NTSC/PAL) after the project has started. Start a new project with your preferred output format.