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Edius Pro 4.52 demo Print to DVD

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  • Edius Pro 4.52 demo Print to DVD

    I am new here and Evaluating Edius for a possible purchase. Sometimes we need to make basic DVDvideos. Anyway when I print to dvd and I get the DVD creator pop up I then add the files I like to print as Chapters (multiple videos). So Then I go to write and it seems like when I click on Burn the software will burn a file directory on the C drive called Video TS but my blank dvd in the dvd burner just sits there when DVD Creator is done. What is happening? I thought Print to DVD means it will print to the DVD media.

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    Welcome to the forums Nick. When you are under the Write tab, go down to the Output tab and make sure your appropriate DVD drive is selected


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      Ok on the output tab in Write
      I see DVD setting and I only have one DVD writer selected.
      Then there is Media info which does see blank media
      Then there is Detail setting
      Work Folder setting which always seems to want to have the C drive directory.
      What am I missing?


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        Just to be sure:
        1. you have a project on the Edius timeline (how long?)
        2. You select Print to DVD from the Export button
        3. Canopus DVD Creator pops up with that file.

        Try using the defaults and then go to the the Write tab. Make sure the correct DVD burner is selected in the Output tab. Under media information you see "Type DVD-R Writeable"
        Check mark in Enable Detail setting box. Make sure "Only output DVD files (do not write to DVD media)" is NOT checked. Click BURN

        It is normal for the C: drive to be selected in the Work Folder area. It ususally points to a TEMP folder in the C: drive. It is where the files are encode and that is where the burner looks to burn from.