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Dual Quad core issues

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  • Dual Quad core issues

    Hi all,
    I have just built another new machine this time its a dual quad core using the ASUS DSGC-DW board. I have mainly built this machine as render monster for After Effects and the like.

    I have decided to whack in an old DVstorm 2 card i had here just i can input and output odd bits an pieces.

    The trouble is when i try and capture in "edius 4.52" or old "storm video" it is all jerky and stops displaying the video.
    even if i import the video from another drive or over the network it will not play back even on the computer screen.

    It is definatly has overlay and display issues which is effecting everything
    I have built many canopus machines so feel its either a mobo or video card issue. anyideas?

    has any one had any luck running dual quad cores yet?

    machine is as follows:
    Dual quad core 2.4's 9 (8 cpu's)
    Mo Bo is Asus DSGC-DW (thats whats on the mobo)
    4 gig ecc ram
    8600 GT video card
    STORM 2 card (mainly used for little edit jobs and AFX previews)
    striped raptor drives as boot drives
    raid terrabytes of video storage

    Kind regards
    Stuart Yates

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    I have doubts it has anything to do with dual quad cores. Most likely a conflict of IRQs between Storm2 and something else on your motherboard or video card.
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      Please tell me about the video drive (RAID?)
      Put a clip on the C drive and see what happens.
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        If Storm Edit opens, the card is installed correctly.

        Try connecting a video monitor to the output of DVStorm to verify the card is actually working. I'm guessing you're going to see the oupput video playback with no problem. If so, this is an overlay issue and here's what you can do to fix it.

        Re-install the DVStorm driver from the Edius 4.5x installer. It's located in the following subfolder \Driver\CanopusDV\Setup.exe.

        This will ensure you are using a current DVStorm driver.

        If that doesn't work, add the following lines to the end of the Canopus.ini file (go to START -> RUN -> type in CANOPUS.INI and press OK)...


        The "1's" can be set to either 0, 1, or 2. A reboot is required after any changes to Canopus.ini.

        The following was copied from the CanopusDV readme...

        (4) When screen overlay does not show correctly with certain graphics cards
        If your screen overlay does not show correctly with PCI Express graphics cards), please add the below lines in the Canopus.ini file located in the C:\WINDOWS folder.

        When the overlay does not show correctly when using certain graphics cards, you may also try adding the below lines in the Canopus.ini file located in the C:\Windows folder.

        If the above setting still does not fix the issue, please try changing the settings as below:

        (5) When using the DVStorm hardware with generic OHCI/Sound Cards
        - In certain systems, when using the DVStorm hardware together with a generic OHCI card or soundcard, the performance of the OHCI card/soundcard may go down. If that happens, please add the below line to the Canopus.ini file in the Windows folder.


        If the problem still occurs after doing the above setting, please try below;