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Edius 4.5 chapters for DVD question

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  • Edius 4.5 chapters for DVD question

    Hi Folks;

    I am in a dilemma. I captured my video all in one piece, and have markers on the timeline where I want to make chapters for exporting to DVD, but cannot find any way to do it. If I export to DVD, I have one title and no chapters. I tried to separate the video using sequences (ugh!), but with all the laborious effort, I suspect there is an easier way to do it. Anyone have an answer?

    Thanks, Andrew

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    There should be an option to use timeline markers as DVD chapters in DVD Creator.


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      After all these years, you still do not sleep. Hi Dave. Thanks for your help. I had tried the various options, before, but they do not make any sense as far as nomenclature (and there is no help description of those buttons other than what they say on the buttons themselvesin the help file), but if you click some on and some off, you get the sense of it, and the chapter headings did appear when I played with it some more. I had already named the markers in the description column of the marker palette, so the chapter headings popped up right away.




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        Yes, markers translates to chaptors and seqences to titles and markers
        within a seq. will again translate to chaptors within the specific title.

        I have to say thanks to GV for this DVD burning option, its a serius
        time safer for me.