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Edius Pro 3.6 Audio and Video Not Syncronise

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  • Edius Pro 3.6 Audio and Video Not Syncronise

    Hi, I come across a problem whereby after converted to DVD/VCD my end product the audio and video. not syncronised. I have upgrade to dual Intel Xeon 3.0Ghz 64 bit Processor ,Intel Server board SE7525 RP2. Ram 4GB . Currently using the DVStorm2 capturing Card. Hardisk Raptor 150GB 10Krpm. Graphic Card Leadtek 256DDR2 128bit. Please advice/give some suggestion to solve my problem. Thank you.

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    What is your workflow when producing a DVD?


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      Try rendering a short video (10 mins or less) using the procoder wizard to just dvd in m2p format at 8000 bit rate (programme stream). After that, import it into edius to check if the audio is ok. Do the same for mpg format. If the audio is ok, means the rendering is ok. You can use other dvd authoring software to burn as final dvd or vcd.


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        I have had 2 problems with this also:
        1) the last 10 mins or so of the encode loses video (goes to black) and audio continues to end of the set outpoint.
        My solution was a problem with Nero, not the Procoder encode to VOB.

        2) right now I have one to deal with where the first VOB seam-point corrupts, causing the video sequence to drop off part of the VOB file video, or to stutter at that point, but retain the original audio sequence of the VOB. This has resulted in out of sync DVD's.
        I have re-encoded using Procoder as a test. That VOB works fine, burning directly to disk, but my re-encodes (many) of the Edius T/L to VOB and running this thru Nero (in many different approaches) all yield the same problem, but depending on the encode file, a different corruption manifestation.

        So my answer would be to look at the burning app, especially if it is Nero, since the Procoder/Edius/Computer side of things seems OK in my instance.

        Edius 3 v3.62 beta / DVRexRT cards
        (Please don't throw stones, it works!)
        Edius 9 v3


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          Originally posted by pjsssss View Post
          What is your workflow when producing a DVD?
          I captured the video using the DVStorm2 capturing card thru the 1394.
          (Filming with mini DV). Drag the AV to the timeline, then convert to DVD using the Procoder Express Wizard. about 10 mins. scene.

          For Ur information . the problem does not occur if I used the normal 1394 capturing card ,not from the canopus products.
          Using that, I am unable to view the out put on the TV screen.