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  • edius error

    I used Edius with HX-E1 card (Edius SP). when I edit for along time,
    about 4hours, Edius can't open any Menu and sounding "DING DING" , i only save project and restart windows.What's wrong? Help me please

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    Sounds like an EDIUS window is open, but otherwise not viewable to you (for you to close or click "OK"). Are you running your system with more than one monitor?


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      I just use only 1 LCD monitor and 1 TV with PNC connect to Edius SP
      breakout box. I think error by Edius software or my system but I don't know why


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        Like KH says, it looks like some window whent in back of an other window. this haben to me when i was using an audio panpot & ballance window, and for some reson when i klick on some other window the panpot & ballance window whent in back of an other window, i was not able to do anything.
        It was not possible for me to get that window back to close it, so i just used CTRL, ALT and DEL to shut Edius down and start it agein.
        I am using dual monitor.

        Is it not possible to bring window back to front ???
        Edit station1: i7 6700K 4 ghz, 32gb ram, Edius 9 Workgroup, Davinci Resolve studio 16, 8GB GPU & Intensity Pro 4K
        2: 17" Laptop i7 w: Edius 9 Workgroup
        3: HPxw8600 dual 3ghz Xeon, STORM 3G, , Edius 7, 32 GB ram.
        4: Edius 7, Supermicro x7da8 dual 3ghz Xeon.
        Audio: Protools & Nuendo, M-Audio and Presonus interfaces, control surfaces and preamps, dual 3ghz Xeon. 16gb Ram.
        Studio monitoring: Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro mixer and Mackie HR824 Spk. Panasonic surround system.
        And more


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          You can, sometimes by simply minimising/maximising via the Windows Task Manager..