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Does Edius have multi track selection tool?

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  • Does Edius have multi track selection tool?

    Can anybody help me and tell me how I can move all video clips in one video track?
    Does Edius have multi track selection tool?
    Appreciate any help in advance.

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    I do it like this........there may be a keystroke solution.......but here goes

    go to scale on the timeline and select fit then with mouse cover all video by holding down left mouse key and cover all clips then they are highlighted then move at will......or copy and paste.

    Hope this helps
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    Procoder 3.06 and various Prodad add-ons


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      Thanks for your help, I used this method too but I think there must be better way.


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        Are you looking to move all the clips on a track to another track?

        Or, slide them forward/backward on the same track?

        There's a few other ways to do this, and there's also keyboard shortcuts available. Remember also that Shift+ALT, and Sync Mode are useful here..

        If shifting to another track, you can use CTRL+A (all clips on selected track) and then CTRL+X to cut to the clip board. Reposition the focus and edit cursor to the new In point location and press CTRL+V.


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          Thanks for your comment.
          I want to slide specific clips in time line forward. For example I want to move forward all clips that were located in specific time, I can't use Ctrl+A in this case because I don’t want to move all clips.


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            In that instance, you'll have to use the mouse and either marquee or CTRL+click the clips you want to move, and slide them.

            If all the clips on a single track need to move, turn off Sync Mode and use Shift+Alt. (and then remember to let go of Shift if you want snapping to be obeyed)


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              Thanks a lot.