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a good dell desktop for edius

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  • a good dell desktop for edius

    I need to upgrade to a new computer for edius. Dell has alot of different ones and Ive seen some users here who have bought them. Which model is a good one to go with that will handle hd. i am still shooting sd but want to prepare for when i buy an hd camera.
    i do want to still have realtime on xplode, so i know there are certain video cards i need to stay with for this to continue. any help on which desktop line, which processor,video card, how much ram, etc.
    sata or ide harddrives?

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    Anything with a Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz and above is ok in my book. How much are you looking to spend?

    Also with newer computers, you're going to see DirectX10 cards, so the older ATI X1XXX cards might not be available for those desktops...this is why it's better to build a computer on your own, imo.


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      Check this out:

      HP Home Store has a $450 web-only discount on the HP Pavilion d4996t, m9000z or m9000t Desktop PC configured at $999+ with Coupon code: DT4996 Limited supply. Coupon expires on 12/15

      Loaded HP Pavilion Ultimate d4996t Desktop Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz 2GB/400GB Free Geforce 8400GS, Lightscribe DVD Writer, 15in1 reader, 7.1 audio, Vista Home Premium $999.99 - $450 off coupon = $549.99 free shipping.
      Select Free Geforce 8400GS


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        I didn't think Edius worked with Vista.


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          It works for some, but the caveat is that it is not officially supported. IOW, you're on your own.
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            Edius is not supported under Vista, but more and more computer builders stop putting in XP.

            I found another sweet deal for you guys:

            1. Click here
            2. Click "High Performance"
            3. Click "HP Pavilion Elite m9000t $849.99"
            4. Click "Customize and Buy" for the Base Configuration
            5. Under Processor, change to Quad processor for +$150
            6. During checkout, use coupon code DT4996 to get $450 off $999


            - Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600, 2GB DDR2
            - 256mb NVVIDIA GeForce 8400GS DVI-I, TV-Out, HDMI Card
            - 320GB SATA Disk, 16x lightscribe DVDRW
            - Memory Card Reader, TV Tuner
            - Keyboard, Mouse


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              Only thing I don't like about HP is their extended warranties, they are not consecutive, they run concurrent with the original.

              About XP, if you want it the best thing is to get annother harddrive(which people usually need) and a OEM version of XP
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                Dell XPS420

                I just got my Dell xps420 quad core with three gigs of memory for 1050.00
                I also have two Dell 9150 dual core 3.0 with 2gigs of memory. After i went and shut off as many things that i could on Vista. I installed Edius 4.5 and adobe encore 1.5c and created a full wedding two hours production. I dont know what type of times most of you are getting but I notice a big speed inprovement on the xps420.Now I am still in SD but moving to HD next month
                My 9150 would take two hours for encore to make a two hour production dvd transcoding plus 18 mins to burn it with no motion. The Xps took 45 mins for the whole process I could not believe the speed what that much greater over the dual-core 3.0.
                hope this helps any body want to buy a Dell dual-core 3.0 9150.