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How can I blur define portion in video clip?

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  • How can I blur define portion in video clip?

    I have a question, can anybody help me?
    I want to blur around a person body, I want to know if I could select his body by region filter? (I don’t want rectangular or ellipse selection) If not, is there any way to do it?

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    Those 2 are the only options in 3D PIP. Usually if you use the elipse and then blur the edges you can get close to what you want.


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      AFAIK, there is no simple way to do this in edius - but if your subject isn't moving much, I think you could do something with a custom alpha map?

      You best bet is to do it in After effects - Use the pen tool, draw your mask and animate it. Then feather it and ad blur to outside.
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        Thanks for your reply, I don’t know exactly how I can do it in 3D PIP but as I said I don’t want geometric selection, I want freehand selection.
        Matt, how can I use custom alpha map in Edius? Would you please explain more?
        (I can't go to After Effect, it must be done in editing program)


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          You really can't do that in Edius. There is no tool that would let you do shapes.


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            If you don't need the shape to move...
            1. Cut the part of the clip you want to "filter"
            2. Create a black and white matte of the shape you want to filter - you can do this in the Titler, Paint, or whatever you want as long as the result is a format EDIUS can read and the result is the same dimensions as the source clip.
            3. Select both the matte and the (partial) clip in the Bin
            4. Right-click one of them and choose Convert | Alphamatte
            5. Choose the Luminance key and correct fill clip
            6. This will generate a new copy of your (partial) clip with an alpha channel.
            7. Now you can put this new clip over the original clip and apply a blur to just this clip.
            If you need the shape to move, then you'll have to use something that can generate a moving black/white video clip, again in the same resolution as the source clip.
            Rendering a keyed clip with "Show Key" option enabled is a good way to do this (though if you already could key the clip, then you shouldn't be going through this exercise).


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              Sean...what GVBH said :)
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