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EDIUS 4.52 not output on HX-E1 card

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  • EDIUS 4.52 not output on HX-E1 card

    I'm using Edius 4.0 and when I install Edius 4.52 on my system
    I cannot find Output device SHX-E1 like in Edius 4.0
    I was reInstall HX-E1 driver form Edius 4.0 CD
    and run Edius 4.5, I see Output Device : HX-E1 deivce
    but when I starting to Edit, system fail and kick me out to Desktop
    What happen? Is Edius 4.52 not full support to SHX-E1 device
    I using EDIUS SP with breakout box
    Help me, please

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    You need to install the drivers from the v4.5 archive - not the original CD, as I'm fairly sure that a firmware update is included to bring the hardware up into line with the newer software.

    By the way, it's probably a good idea to grab v4.54 now, since it's the latest version and addresses many known issues.


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      please show me the link to download 4.54 ver please


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        Follow the directions here: