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Powerpoint slides quality issue in Edius

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  • antonsvideo
    very simple

    in PowerPoint, file menu, save as, choose enhanced windows metafile

    the result looks amazing in EDIUS because emf are vector based

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  • Hutch TV
    started a topic Powerpoint slides quality issue in Edius

    Powerpoint slides quality issue in Edius

    My question is how can I make the Jpegs or PNG files that have been converted from a PowerPoint display look as sharp in Edius as they do in PowerPoint.

    To get a PowerPoint slide into Edius I simply export the slides as a JEPG or PNG both both file types are not as sharp as they look when played from PowerPoint.

    I have tried setting Edius to either 720 50P (my ususal setting) and even 1080 50P but there was no difference to my eyes.

    I'm editing a video that I filmed that saw about about 50 powerpoint slides go on the screen behind the person speaking. Sometimes I edit live using VMIX and sometimes in post on Edius.

    Just trying to produce the very best quality video for my clients.