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Up grade question for Edius 4.54

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  • Up grade question for Edius 4.54

    One of my NX machines is running 3.5 and Procoder 2. When I uninstall 3.5 what about procoder? Do I have uninstall Procoder then reinstall it after upgrading to 4.54? I am aware that I have to install 4.0 first then 4.54.

    Ronnie Martin
    Kato Video Productions
    main system: custom built by Edit HD Ultma 277,Intel (R) core (TM) i7 2600K cpu 3.40 GHz 3.40Ghz, 16GB ram, Windows 7, Intel HD (R) graphics 3000, NVIDA Gforce GT 440, C drive Samsung SSD 850 pro, video drive WD 3TB SATA, 2 LG Bluray drives, External WD SATA 2TB storage/backup drives in thermaltake Black device. edius 8.3 WG

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    ProCoder 2.0 does not work directly with 4.x, you have to download a 4.x updater for ProCoder 2.0

    Uninstall ProCoder2, then uninstall Edius completely. Wipe the "c:\Program Files\Canopus\EDIUS" folder before installing Edius 4.54 (As far as I am aware, there is no "Full" 4.54, so you have to install it from the NX CD first, then run the 4.54 update).

    Then install ProCoder 2.0, then run the patch to make it work with 4.x (It's under your Edius4 downloads section when you register on the website).


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      Of course Dave's way is the safest, but I really don't thing you have to uninstall Procoder. Just install 4.xx and any upgrades and then run the procoder patch to get it to show up in Edius.


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        Doesn't PC2 install a .tpi folder in 3.x's EDIUS folder? That's why I mentioned an uninstall.

        When you don't have Edius 3.x, PC2 installer (off the CD) will only install the encoder without plugins

        hope this helps