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  • Ron Evans
    I just use my 4K as another track in my normal 4 track multicam. I have another full stage AVCHD camera to use for the initial edit and mute the 4K. Makes running multicam smoother than involving the 4K on my system anyway. Then go back mute the AVCHD track and use the 4K track doing any crops/zooms or pan for the places I have decided to use the 4K rather than the other 2 tracks. All source files are on a separate drive and I do not use the browser at all for my stuff as it is simple 4 cameras that start and stop together for a performance. Once out of multicam my system manages 4K file just fine.

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  • vortigern
    started a topic Layouter order

    Layouter order

    It is my practice to achieve the best results to use the layouter in the following manner. Import 4K file into the Edius bin i.e not transfer it to the project bin. Do alterations zooming,repostioning, resizing etc in Layouter. Then add effect colour balance etc. Then I export the file to canopus HQ to work with. This I find maintains better quality than either exporting to HQ files or importing to the project from the Browser. And then working with this file in layouter and adding FX such as colour balance.Do others work the same way or is there a better way to maintain the best quality when using layouter