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Set clips to use "expansion info" timecode?

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  • Set clips to use "expansion info" timecode?

    I have a couple hundred clips from eight sources that I need to get into a synced composite view.

    Using Adobe Media Encoder, I manually set the starting timecode for each of these clips to the needed values. (The values are based on a burned-in surveillance timestamp present on each clip.)

    I kept seeing great things about Edius's ability to do a multicam sync using timecode and love what I see so far from the app in general, but cannot figure out how to do what I need.

    No problem importing the clips into Edius, but I can't figure out how to get Edius to use the timecode I spent a day manually setting up for each clip. The only place I can find my original timecode in the clips is CLIP --> PROPERTIES --> EXPANSION INFO. In this panel, the START TIMECODE and ALT TIMECODE values are exactly what they should be.

    How do I get Edius to use this timecode for syncing purposes?

    Huge thanks in advance!