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Transcode XAVC in Browse before Edius

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  • Transcode XAVC in Browse before Edius

    Two questions; I have XAVC footage UHD 25p and need to deliver 1080 50i. I have transcoded in Catalyst Browse to 50i long gop, is this the best way to go? (European Broadcast) I have little knowledge of Browse.
    Secondly I only perform a primary colour correction so would it be better to do so in Browse while still in UHD or in Edius once transcoded. Thank you.

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    You're best off doing your edit in progressive, as this is the format of your footage. Make a progressive master output, for instance HQ/X. Then create an interlaced project, import the progressive HQ/X master into it, then export to whatever delivery codec as interlaced. You may find that there's a better solution for turning your progressive master to interlaced. There's also the potentially slight concern with motion titles/graphics. It may also be worth bearing in mind that it's still very common in the TV industry to use PsF.

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      Thank you. It makes more sense and fortunately I will use zero effects or titles apart from a tweak on the contrast curves etc for this project.