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    Can anyone please help

    I have recorded on a Canon XH a1 16:9 on Pal, I have rendered it up for mp2 in procoder express using 16:9 ratio and when it is played back on a monitor it is a lot smaller than the screen. it shows a large black border all the way round as though it is a 6 x 8 picture in a 10 x 8 page. It seems to need expanding.

    I use Ulead DVD Workshop 2 as the DVD authoring, I would use E4 authoring but
    it doesn't allow for music on the title pages

    I am sure someone has the answer


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    I presume that your footage was captured as 16:9 1440x1080?

    If you are outputiing this to an SD DVD, when encoding the video file to MPEG2, you need to ensure that the following settings are used:


    or for PAL

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      Thanks Martin, all this that you have mentioned has already been checked, I have spoken to Canopus and it seems there may a bug in the programme.

      I have also made an avi file and dropped it onto the timeline and it shows 16:9, I took the same .avi file and imported it into Ulead DVD Workshop 2 and it showed as a squashed 4:3.

      I have also spoken to the IOV and they also are of the impression that Edius is at fault.



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        Also check to see if you used the 16.9 setting in DVD workshop. Also for the menus in that program there is only 4.3 setting but for the DVD its selve that can be created 16.9 by ticking the 16.9 box at the bottom right hand corner of the play back screen.


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          Done that and it still is no good


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            The two most likely explanations are that the clips were captured incorrectly as letterboxed 4:3 format, or Ulead thinks these are 4:3 clips when they're really 16:9. I regularly burn widescreen DVDs using a Sony HDV camera and Ulead DVD Workshop2, and this works fine provided everything is set right.

            In the Ulead "Edit" mode, check the aspect ratio properties for each clip to make sure they show as widescreen for widescreen TVs and (usually) letterboxed for 4:3 TVs. If you're not sure how to do that send me a PM.
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              I had this problem about a year ago on a new Mitsubshi DLP, with me it turned out to be toe format size on the DLP, adjusted that and everything was fine....just a thought. Gary


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                I have been shooting with a SonyZ1 now for almost two years and producing a 16x9 and a 4x3 version of the project using Edius 4.x and Ulead WS2 with no problems. My requests for 16x9 are picking up a bit but mostly my client base still wants 4x3.

                Works for me

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                  Thanks everybody for the help. I have now reinstalled procoder and workshop and it now seems to be o.k.