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Third Party Encode - Export Quicktime Reference?

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  • Third Party Encode - Export Quicktime Reference?

    Can EDIUS export to Quicktime Reference files for third party encoding?

    Or what is the preferred EDIUS export option to a Pro Coder watch folder?

    With EDIUS, I am trying to confirm that the encoding watch folder is NOT going to need a whole copy of video originals.

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    QuickTime reference? No... Why? Because pretty much everything needs to be processed - it might be in a different format, not QuickTime, not in the right aspect or resolution, etc. It's the sacrifice for being able to mix formats without "conforming" everything to one format - the "conforming" is done at export (file-writing) time.

    Can you describe your workflow a little more? There may be a simpler/easier way to do it.


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      QuickTime reference files? Like a handler file? I know FCP does this but not any other program that goes through QT...even AE..