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DVStorm problem with EDIUS

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  • DVStorm problem with EDIUS

    Until 2 days everything was fine. Yesterday I built my new computer with the following pieces: MB Gigabyte P35DS4, CPU Intel Q6600 Quad core, 2x2 GB RAM 800Mhz, ATI 2600Pro 512 MB, 3x Sata HD (1 for SO; 2 for video).
    On this system I installed Edius 4.52 and everything is working. But after installing my DVStorm 2 Pro and setting in the Edius project properties to use the DVStorm for input and output I get the same "NO PREVIEW" problem!!!?
    I tried to capture from an analog device and I didn't get any preview, but just a fix still image....if I click on the capture window and move it on the screen, then the images on the preview are moving!? Otherwise nothing! The same for the output: I place a clip on a track but no preview of it on the screen while working.
    The only way to see images is to connect a DV camcorder to the storm and watch the little camcorder screen (during captur and output).
    Please, may I have some help???