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Trying to Upgrade to WG8.22 ??

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  • Geoff_C
    The install instructions are just below the 'download' button.

    Essentially download the file and open it. There is no requirement to uninstall your earlier version. It is however a good idea turn off your antivirus whilst carrying out this operation. I also empty the 'temp' folder prior to opening the file.
    If you uninstall a programme it sometimes helps if you reboot the machine to complete the operation.

    Best luck next time.


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  • myname
    started a topic Trying to Upgrade to WG8.22 ??

    Trying to Upgrade to WG8.22 ??

    I downloaded the 8.22 update and installed it. But when I open my Edius WG8 low and behold it was still version 8.20.0386. So I went to control panel/ uninstall programs and it shows I have edius 8.22.0623 installed.
    But when I open Edius it is 8.20.0386?
    So I uninstalled edius WG8 from control panel and then wala! The Icon is still on the task bar so I click it and edius 8.20.0386 opens? I check the control panel/uninstall programs - what?? there is no edius on my computer according to the uninstall in control panel, yet edius 8.20 is running on this computer? How do you uninstall a program that is in c:programfiles/grassvalley/edius8 so That I can install my 8.22.0623
    Help Please - Thank You