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How do you start a new thread - other than posting on another 1 first

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  • How do you start a new thread - other than posting on another 1 first

    I don't want to sound like a moron, but is it possible to create a new thread, without having to post a reply to another thread just to get to the little "create a new thread" button? If it is possible I don't know how. I even read the FAQ link that tells all the rules about it, and that it is possible, BUT, it does not tell you how? You say, oh, but you just created one, yes, by accident. it was offered to me after replying to another post. So is that the key? you have to reply to another post - to get to create a new thread? Surely Not? I need help with creating a new tread, so that, I quit asking questions via replying on threads that are unrelated to my questions. Sorry for doing that but I need help with my edius WG8 - thank U

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    Well it looks like you have done it.
    Select the relevant forum from the Forums list. ie if it is Edius software related go "Editing with Edius" and if it is to do with Hardware, third party etc there are relevant forums. If it is totally off topic like "who had an Amiga?" the use the Lounge.
    In the top left (just above the threads list) is NEW THREAD click there and that is it.


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      Starting a new thread

      Actually I am having the same issue (albeit some years later) - there is no new thread option visible to me.
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        I think you have to go to the top page of "Editing with EDIUS" to post a new thread.
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          Getting Same issue? You guys got the solution?


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            Look carefully at the post above. jpg shows it all. Highlit in red
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