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  • Frame Rate For Hd?

    i'm using roxio Pro-HD for my blu-ray projects, problem is my chapters are up to 10 seconds off on a one and a half hour movie. (the further down the line the more off they are), Question: I use "Canopus HQ avi" which are 29.97 frames, and in Roxion unde project settings for HD the frame rate is 23.976, with the only option of 24fps. Any ideas if this is my problem, if so what's the fix...Been working on this for two weeks, any help would be great. Gary..(ps be nice it's Christmas time) sorry, Holiday season month...

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    Change your timeline to non drop frame or reverse whatever it is on now, most likely it is your Roxio that has a different drop or non drop frame from Edius.
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      I think what you didn't notice is that the setting is meant for menu's and slideshows (is this where you say you can't change the frame rate)
      If it is you need to change it from 1920x1080p to 1920x1080i and then you have the option of 29.97 fps, you can't have those frame rates with 1080p.

      I dont normally use Canopus HQ to import to DVDit PRO HD as i export from EDIUS with ProCoder 3 and make it compliant straight away- that's your best option!!!

      If you have your menu's set to 1080p and the video is in the same title that could be why your video wants to be transcoded to 1080p and why your frame rate is converted to 24fps mucking up your chapters.
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        Shueardm, Thank you very much, I be testing soon and let you know. Thanks again. Gary Silly mee...I WAS looking at the Menu/slideshow setting, I try switching to 1080i and frame rate to 29.97. This MAY be my best christmas present this year..Gary
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