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  • Still image orientation

    When importing still images made in portrait orientation, Edius puts these images in landscape orientation in the bin, and also on timeline.

    That is not convenient, but a bigger problem is when I want to put the image in the potrait orientation by rotating 90 degrees in Layouter, I then cannot fill the width of the screen automatically by a touch of a button. I don't remember this behaviour in Edius 6.08, if I remember well Edius would correctly put the images in portrait position both in the bin and on the timeline.

    Am I doing anything wrong, or have I missed a setting?

    I am using Edius WG 8.2 on Windows 10 Home.
    Edius Workgroup 8.53

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    If I open one of the portrait images in a photo editor, the image is placed in landscape. When I rotate the image and save as new image, it is properly recognized by Edius.

    So I guess it is maybe because in Windows 10 portrait images are automatically recognized and put in the right position. Not an Edius thing in that case.
    Edius Workgroup 8.53


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      How do they look in Windows Explorer?
      Rotate them there.
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        That is the point: In Windows Explorer the orientation appears to be ok, so no need to rotate them. When imported in Edius however, they are put in landscape orientation.

        With Windows 7 I used to do what you suggest, I rotated the images in Windows Explorer.
        Edius Workgroup 8.53