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  • GrassValley_PS
    The timeline cursor does follow the mask cursor and vise versa. I don't know hat I have ever zoomed in enough and hit play so that the played ends up outside the zoomed in area. If you were zoomed in that far I guess I asume you would scrub, then scroll to see more of the area? I will try the play ate today.

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  • antonsvideo
    I have killed the tooltips in user settings, it is much better without

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  • createmedia
    started a topic Edius 8.2 observations

    Edius 8.2 observations


    1. GUI-Filters list view. Dragging a filter to a clip has become specifically focussed to the icon yet the hand is enabled over the line containing the description. If the hand is over the description it won't dag and drop, but over the icon it will. Surely this needs either the hand to only light up over the Icon, or for the whole row to allow drag and drop.

    2. Mask tool. Is there a keyboard short cut to locate the cursor back into the middle of the mask tool timeline? (jump time position)

    Here is a for instance. Green screen filming. I am getting rid of a microphone cable the talent threw over her shoulder from a tie clip mic clipped to a black polo knecked top so that when she turns the cable becomes visible running vertically down the screen between the arm pit and the body and the top of the fore arm, and under the fore arm to the bottom of the screen. At times her hand goes across the area to be masked just to make sure it's more difficult.

    There are sections where the fore arm cuts below the sceen bottom and she is turned so the cable doesn't show.

    To be accurate enough the mask zoom is at 400% and the mask timeline is set to one frame. The fix is to create a variable shape that masks the cable with the same green of the background.

    Clearly as the cable isn't there all the time playing some of the clip is done with the mask still open to see where the next problem point is, but the mask timeline doesn't scroll to follow the clip playhead position, as in fact none of the other filters do.

    The use of the mask tool set to 1 frame view highlights the need for the filters timescale to follow the playead position on the clip and the filter timeline to scroll as does the editing timeline window, as it is really a sub edit when working with a filter open.

    I note that the filter when fist opened has the playhead at the same position as the main timeline one, it just doesn't follow it when the playhead has gone off the end of the current view.

    Is that a feature request or something that really should happen anway?