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  • external lcd monitors/any users/input

    unfortunately my 13 inch sony monitor has finally gone out and sony doesnt make the crt monitors anymore.
    i have to go to the lcd monitors. sony makes a 14" one. anyone that uses externals using the lcd ones? i know i wont get the same clarity/color that i do on my crt , but how accurate and clear are they?

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    Do you plan to do SD or HD?

    If you are doing SD now and plan to do HD in the future, take a look at the Sony Luma series. Panasonic has good ones too. Unfortunately if you want to have almost the same accuracy as CRT's, then it's going to cost you alot of money to get CRT quality in an LCD.

    You might try finding a used PVM series off ebay for now, then upgrade later.


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      You might also look at the Dell of HP Computer Monitors. I know a HD Productionhouse using the Dell 30 inch as a playback Monitir and they really like it.



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        Get one of these if you can afford it JVC DTV1710CG 17 inch SD HD component, composite, s video and HDSDI if you want it.

        This is a real tube monitor, very cool for 1080 / 50 /60 PAL NTSC

        I have a 19 inch version, but I think they stopped making it...

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          I would get a Sony or Panasonic LCD Production monitor if you can afford it. The option that a lot of my clients are opting for is a current or used 14" PVM series Sony monitor ($300 - $500.) and a 32" Panasonic HD LCD TV. ($700 - $900) This gives you a true underscan capable SD CRT with a 16:9 button and the LCD for HD monitoring and is most likely the what it will be playing back on at the end user point.
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