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Problem importing files from sony dcr-dvd908

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    Hi Mr Sparkle,

    Thanks for your answer, it seems to work.
    I'm still testing it because I need to go trough my friend and as I'm in the Philippines and he's in Switzerland, it makes it a bit difficult.
    It looks that to import the footage with DISCcapture I need to format the DVD in VIDEO mode and finalize it before being able to import. The problem then is that when I import the files to Edius, it doesn't recognize the 16/9 format and I have to manually change every footage, is there a batch process to do it in many files at the same time?

    If the DVD is formated in VR mode, I can import the files with DISCcapture but the files are still shorter when imported to Edius.


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      If the DVD is anamorphic widescreen, the clips should come in properly flagged at 16:9.

      If not, try Restream to fix the flags.