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Problems using Pegasys TMPG plugin for EDIUS 8

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  • Roland Schulz
    Ok, seems I found what´s going wrong.
    The Pegasys Encoder seems not to be faulty but since this errors occour quite seldom it was hard to find.
    For playback on my UHD TV I often use a Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB USB3.0 stick.
    The errors only appear using this stick but both on my Sony KD-65X8508C as also on my Popcorn Hour VTEN UHD player.
    The same files play fine on the VTEN when streamed from my server, so the USB stick seems to be faulty.

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  • GrassValley_SL
    I have also not seen any issues.

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  • Claire
    Not seen that issue here Roland, short or long format.

    I'm still using the original Edius 7 version of the plug-in in Edius 8 WG after Anton wrote something about keeping the old Edius 7 plugins folder when upgrading to Edius 8. This let me just copy across the AVC plugin manually.

    (Not sure if there is any difference in the 7 and 8 plugins other that the installer part)

    Do you use just the supplied encoding templates or are they customised? Is there any pattern to where you see the issue occur and what encoding you used?

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  • Andreas_Gumm
    You should start an inquiry at TMPEG support.
    I can't think of an Edius issue since the plugin simply takes over the export stream.
    AFAIK you are the very first user having that issue here in the forum area.


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  • Problems using Pegasys TMPG plugin for EDIUS 8

    I´d like to know if somebody who´s also using the Pegasys TMPG x264 Plugin for EDIUS 8 also has similar problems. I´ve seen errors several times in different projects with different setting now. Rendered clips often show errors in the rendered clips. Actually I have a 51min. project that shows at least 7 errors in the rendered file. With every error I see some macroblock stripes in the clip, independent of the player. I think I had a similar behavior in the former plugin for E7 but since I mostly do short Projects this wasn´t that noticeable.
    Both E8WG and the plugin are the current version.

    Does anybody here have similar problems??