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DV Capture and Edius Crash

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  • DV Capture and Edius Crash

    I have captured a whole bunch of DV tapes to hard disk using the Canopus DV codec. I have tried to batch and individually convert them to MSDV in E4.54 and individually with E3.62 on different machines and it crashed Edius consistently at 99% completion of the first file.

    This seems to be a DV Capture problem. Can this program make files somehow unstable?


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    I've seen something like this recently...

    My projects are HDV and ew had a serious (now repaired) tape transport problem with a Z1u. Files would divide at recording glitches and (with some clips) opening them in the Bin (just showing the picon) would crash the pants off of Edius.

    The clips play in Media Player, but crash Edius. It takes a while to narrow the problem clip and delete from the drive. Once gone, Edius is fine. Capture without division and it is better, but the problem data is still missing from the clips at the tape error.
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