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Help & Advice on how to produce 'Video Books'

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  • Jerry
    The last time I saw these were at a WEVA convention. WEVA's been gone for some time so that will say how long ago it was.
    Hopefully the video screen has been enlarged. It was way to small compared to the price of the item. Make sure the
    One's you order have re-writable media. That way your clients can save money if they come back for a different video book.

    I did find this supplier online:
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  • GeeJay
    started a topic Help & Advice on how to produce 'Video Books'

    Help & Advice on how to produce 'Video Books'

    Wonder whether this is the right platform to ask this question, but hey all of us here are not just hobbyists but many of us do earn a living from video production using Edius.. hence...

    I am talking of what is known as 'video books', the ones which looks like a compact book which when opened reveals a small LCD screen which plays a video. I have a regular client of ours who wants us to produce a video book for them. Can anyone advise me where I can source good quality hardware and what are the perils and pitfalls to be wary of when producing a 'video book'. As for the content, that is not an issue as we are producers, but this would be the first time we would deliver a production as a video book.

    Thanks in advance.