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  • Good News!

    Well, judging by the general silence on the forum at the moment, I'd say that 4.54 is looking pretty good, it appears to be running fine and has addressed most of my issues to date. Well done GV!

    Do I read it right that there will be another update, to deal with the upcoming Sony EX?

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    I agree.

    We don't say thank you often enough in this world.

    Thanks again for all who worked so hard on updating Edius and those who continue to listen to us with our concerns !

    Bill :)


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      Yup- thanks - now do something with ProCoder 3.
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        yes, the most urgent problems are fixed, thanks for that, I can use it for editing now

        there are a few things remaining, I list them in order of importance to me (for me only)

        1. to be able to export all between in and out (and not all between in and last frame)

        2. to be able to quickly focus timeline center to cursor position

        3. to be able to disable the feature that stretches stills and titles added to timeline to fill the gap between in and out, this maybe usable in some cases (0.92%) but should have an override switch to avoid destroying projects by mistake

        4. to be able to change the color of white interface text on a light gray background

        5. to be able to disable popups not used by users like me such as XDCAM select (broadcast version only) already requested by Pat a few times :)

        6. feature request - RED Capture button

        7. feature request - RED Export button

        8. other topic - as Mark mentioned, ProCoder3 to produce legal DVD compliant ac3 so that I can start using the software I have had for some time
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          One more feature please - The most important to me. !!!!

          Possibility to open and see two or more SEQUENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY. One above another, or in the floating widows. Tha same way as I can do it in Premiere.

          Reason - simply drug and drop clips from one timeline to other. Its my workfow and its the simplest way to edit. PLEASE
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            On behalf of the folks at Grass Valley we are excited that 4.54 is to the point that you guys can use it without to many complaints! :)

            As for the feature requests... we take them very seriously and all of your request are looked at.



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              Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
              yes, the most urgent problems are fixed, thanks for that, I can use it for editing now

              there are a few things remaining, I list them in order of importance to me (for me only)
              "1" is fixed in the next release, "2" I'm not sure on.

              "3" to "7" are intentional designs, so changing them most likely won't happen in 4.x.

              "8" is coming. Eventually.

              Folks, we're doing our very best to continue refining and correcting stuff. I just want to remind you that there is a significant difference between getting a bug fixed, and having an intentional design element changed (aka feature request).

              As it is, 4.6 will likely be the last version of 4.x to add any major new features. The focus is on making what we have, completely functional and error-free.


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                Well, what about the serious bugs? "Destination disk too slow" bug during capture?
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                  Mike, the "Destination Disk Too Slow" issue is one that is so very arbitrary, locking down a regular, reproducable error and creating a fixable solution for every system out there, is a challenge within itself.

                  Beyond creating a master thread, only populated with system specs and steps to reproduce the error (guaranteed!), I am not sure what else to suggest for you.


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                    There are some of us who have never seen that message.
                    I think this is a really strange one. Maybe every one who has this problem should start by installing the latest chipset drivers (motherboard specific) + dx maybe we can see if that will help.
                    Just a suggestion.

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                      Originally posted by GrassValley_KH View Post
                      As it is, 4.6 will likely be the last version of 4.x to add any major new features. The focus is on making what we have, completely functional and error-free.

                      Should I assume that the Edius team, aka Japan, is currently hard at work building Edius 5 for a possible NAB 2008 release?
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                        The team in Japan are currently working hard on the current incarnation of EDIUS. That's all that anyone can be certain of.

                        There will be news of future versions, when there's Planning for the future is always an ongoing process.

                        Again, the current focus is on EDIUS 4.x and making it a solid, reliable NLE solution for everyone - new and old user alike.


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                          Yes great work GV on 4.54 it works without problems an is very stable.


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                            Very happy, thanks :)
                            When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.


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                              Installed Ok but in the Play and Record screens the video appears "wavey" when displaying motion.
                              Not visible on attached TV monitor but annoying when looking at the PC screen.
                              This didn't happen with 4.52.
                              I have the latest nVidia drivers for the card installed.
                              Not had call to capture much yet to see if the 2disk too slow2 error is still there.
                              System 1 - Win7 64/Edius 5.51/Asus P8/8Gb RAM/RAID0/i7 2600K OC/nVidia Quadra 600
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