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down converting hd to sd

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    I have a 42" Plasma connected via component cable and all your footage looks fine

    the only thing I noticed is that your original HDV clip does not look sharper than my SD clips coming from Sony DXC-D35WSP with Fujinon lens

    also, I noticed that the kids (foreground) were slightly out of focus but the background was focused
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      Originally posted by kungperra View Post
      And when it comes to shooting in HD contra SD, its not that I want to shoot in SD, I definitely rather shoot in HD, as I might want to transfer my clips to a HD disc in the future. The reason I asked this was just to get confirmed IF it would be better to shoot in SD, as I dont know if Im doing something wrong in either conversion. But as you answered me previously, I should continue shooting in HDV, and I will. I just had to know what was the best way...

      Don't let me tell you which way to shoot. Try it for yourself. See the difference. It doesn't take that much time to do the test I mentioned in the last post. That way you can see the difference for yourself. It will give you
      a starting point from which to work.

      But while shooting keep a close watch on your focus. The fudge factor for HD is a whole lot less than SD. Use the peaking and Magnify function on your camera and possibly keep a good focus chart nearby.

      Also, keep in mind that your 42" plasma probably doesn't have a good upconvertor built in. This can give you shimmering and dancing images.
      I have found that my HDDVD player through the HDMI cable does a really good job of upconverting. It still is like putting am signal on an fm carrier, but it looks pretty good at a normal distance. Keep that in mind as well.
      If you are standing right at the display you will see all of the artifacting going on. Sit back about 8-10 feet and judge it from there.
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        Thank you very much for trying out the footage as well! I think the focus must have been off in some way when shooting that clip, I dont know if i was trying out some settings att that point in time(this summer) and maybe i had the focus on manual and screwed up that shoot...
        Its shot with a Canon HV20 camera, maybe your Sony DXC-D35WSP is better cause its a more high end camera even if you shoot it in SD... or maybe i have been doing something with the settings in the HV20 camera that i should have...


        Its not that Im not going to try what you suggested, I will, its just that I want to know how it should be, and if I dont get a better quality from the HD shot then from the SD shot, then I have probably done something wrong. So I just wanted to know how it was supposed to be, so i dont lie to myself when trying it out...Im still trying to learn some here as i dont have enough experience on the subject.

        For the view on my plasma, I will go and buy a HDMI cable today and see what diffrence that will make.

        Thank you guys again!