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Cell Phone Footage Technical Problem HELP

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  • Cell Phone Footage Technical Problem HELP

    I mistakenly used my cell phone to film my mom's 88th birthday. I had a friend of mine use her cell phone as well for an alternate angle.

    My friends footage looks fine and mine looks shakey. I guess something must have happened to the image stabilizer on my phone.

    At any rate I am trying to edit my footage and even if I put on mercalli the footage is not smooth probably due to the strange frame rate and looks very choppy. Is there a combo between the project settings and the frame rates I can alter to make this work? The properties of both cell phones are listed below. Somehow or other my Frame Size and Frame Rate are messed up probably a setting in the cell phone. Can anyone help?????

    Daddy are you out there?

    MY Cell Phone

    The clip properties are

    FIELD ORDER progressive
    STREAM TYPE QuickTime
    FRAME SIZE 1920 X 1088
    FRAME RATE 26.666

    Friends Cell Phone

    FIELD ORDER Progressive
    STREAM TYPE Quicktime
    FRAME SIZE 1920X1080
    FRAME RATE 29.843

    Something tells me this is not going to be easy.......
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    Quite a few users swear by plural eyes. You could also use the multi cam to switch between the two without it being too obvious during the worst parts.

    Someone with more experience can jump in and give advice.

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      I would open the file in Quicktime Player and export it in another format such as AVI. The Quicktime files from iPhones use strange variable framerates, and some programs such as Mercali may not support that properly.


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        I did that but it did not work....:(
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          I can't believe there is not some sort of work around for upsetting especially since it was for my mom's 88th birthday....
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            Perhaps the fall back has to be re-scanning, with a nice camera pointing at the cell phone screen and recording at a proper frame rate and image size? Not ideal but maybe it'll allow you to enjoy the birthday celebration.
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              Have you tried something like this Sometimes these lowwer cost converter or editors do things the Pro versions have difficulty with. I have not tried this but there are others around too.

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                Odd frame size. Would Respeeder fix the frame rate? Use the slower (motion interpolation) mode rather than he blending mode.


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                  I used Muvee to get rid of most of the camera shake but the bigger problem is blending of the frames so now I have a pretty steady footage with video lag almost like a double image......ugh...........;(
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