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Transcoding Avi Files To Other Formats. Help!!

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  • Transcoding Avi Files To Other Formats. Help!!

    Hi all.

    I am shooting a film in Taiwan and the production company is using Edius as it's NLE. We are shooting in 720/24p using the Panasonic HVX200. We are recording to a Citidisk rather than 24P. The codec that is recorded appears to be a Canopus codec 'CDVH'.

    How can I transcode these files into another format such as (mov) while not losing quality? I have tried Procoder but with no success. It is terribly hard to communicate here and I am not familiar with Edius and their version is in Chinese. We have shot 4 scenes using this codec which must be change as my home system is Final Cut which I must finish editing in.

    Any help in converting these files would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    CDVH is the Canopus HD codec (DVCPRO HD compliant).
    Please note - do not load "codec pack" that you may be led to. They are cracked, may not function properly, and often contain adware/spyware and/or virus!

    You cannot legitimately get the Canopus HD codec without having EDIUS software. It's a licensing thing.

    Anyway, to get the HD footage from EDIUS to your Final Cut Pro system...
    Probably the easiest way is to output as QuickTime in HD resolution, in a codec that FCP understands. Note that you cannot export DVCPRO HD QuickTime files from Windows, in EDIUS or not. Seems nobody can do that right now.

    Good luck!


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      it is amazing how many different digital formats there are now worldwide and once again, footage sharing has become a problem

      it was easy at first with DV tape, my DSR-25 plays Pal DV/DVCAM and NTSC

      now, I need 1/2 million dollars worth of different devices to be able to handle all formats
      Anton Strauss
      Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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