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Some more problem in 4.52 I am getting.

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  • Some more problem in 4.52 I am getting.

    I Been have a problem with slow mow stuff , which I never had with 3.6 .
    I do work for a Goverment defends company and have developed ways to get info out of expolsion and other weapons shoot at 2000fps , to date Edius 3.6 has been the only package to give the data. I have tried every setting in slow mow ,but it gives me the same result. When footage is slowed down lets say 20% or even 10% ,the footage dulates or the best I can describe " 2 steps forward one step back" effect tru the sequence.

    Another problem i am having is after capturing footage from a camera Pal-i DV 4x3 , when to go to the properties and look at them the field order is proggressive and frame rate 24.99995 not 25 frames.

    Another problem is when encoding to mpeg1 ( this only happens to mpeg1 files) my 4x3 clip are stretched to a 16x9 format, I have made sure my settings are right.

    All this footage works fine in ADPPRO2 and ADPPRO CS3

    I maybe doing something wrong in Edius 4.52?.

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    Sounds interesting already, but...
    25fps/2000fps = 0.0125 or 12.5% speed already (cool)

    Edius will change clip frame rates to match the project if you tell it to. (See the Application Settings)

    But your slow-mo problem sounds like a field-order issue (is PAL upper first? right Anton?)

    Slo-mo default uses frame-blending. Check that "Nearest Neighbor" is not ticked in the Speed dialog.

    What's up with the 16:9 thing???
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      IIRC, MPEG-1 doesn't have an aspect ratio flag, so everything is assumed to be square-pixel.