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  • Freezing Up

    I just captured about 10 minutes worth of footage from a Varicam tape (all shot at 50fps, for 25fps project).

    The project setting I used to capture was "Generic OHCI HD 50Hz 960x720 25p over 60p" and the capture mode was "DVCPRO HD 720 Constant Rate Shooting over 60p"

    That all seems to have worked, I have 20 clips from the tape, and I've layed them all out on a timeline. However I can't play them. If I try to play the timeline, it plays a second or so, then freezes up and skips to the end of the clip. If I try to play in the Player monitor, I just seems to freeze up the whole application.

    The clips have all be captured onto a pair of striped SATA drives (that are more than capable of playback of up to 220mb/s DNxHD media in Avid).

    My intention is to capture the 50fps clips from the 60Hz Varicam tape and lay them onto a new 720/50Hz tape at 25fps (to that end I've tried switching my Project Type to "Generic OHCI HD 50Hz 960x720 25p over 50p" after the capture, but it behaves exactly the same).

    [Edit to add:]

    In my own trouble shooting, I've switch the deck between 50Hz and 60Hz modes (and the Project setting to match, or not) and it behaves the same.

    However, switching the deck off seems to correct the problem, so it's something to do with the deck and Edius' communication with the deck. Which is problematic, as the point of this is that I want to create a 50Hz tape with my footage on it.

    Deck: Panasonic AJ-HD1400
    Software: Edius Broadcast 4.52
    PC: HP XW8200 Dual 3.6GHz Xeon, 3.5GB RAM, 1.4TB internal SATA striped array.
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    The input indicators (1394) on the deck are flashing indicating there is no incoming signal detected. I'm trying to operate the deck in 1080i50 and 720p50 modes, with Edius Project settings to match (either "Generic OHCI HD 50Hz 960x720 25p over 50p" or "Generic OHCI HD 50Hz 1440x1080 25p over 50i")

    Is there something I have to do to make Edius send the signal over the Firewire? Am I missing something obvious?

    Weirder still - when the Project setting does not match the deck (so I have 25p over 50p and the deck is in 60Hz, or 25p over 60p and the deck is in 50Hz) then the playback on the timeline doesn't freeze up, however the deck is still seeing no signal.

    I need to get my pictures onto a tape probably as 25PsF over 1080i50 would be best, but 25p over 720p50 would be okay too.
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      It is correct that your deck not see a signal until you actually print to tape - DV is the only signal that EDIUS can send out through FireWire right off the timeline. In all other cases/presets, the FireWire output is non-existant during regular editing.


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        Right, that's cool I guess...

        So very basically then - what do I need to do to successfully print to tape? I'm used to Avid, where I'd be presented with a 'Digital Cut' tool with various options about in and out points, and that sort of thing. How does it work in Edius?

        Perhaps I should RTFM :)


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          It shouldn't be too tricky, I would have imagined - but I have no experience with your deck. (I'm a DV/HDV gumby)

          Provided you have properly configured the FireWire Deck settings (Hardware Settings in EDIUS), you should only have to 'Print to Tape' - but in your case, you're outputting DVCPRO over FireWire...the rules might be a bit different. I'll have to poke around my documents..