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Edius V4.54 on it's way

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  • Edius V4.54 on it's way

    German GV forum just announced that Edius V4.54 will be available in a few days. Fixes include:

    The channel setting is different from when it was saved.

    EDIUS Watch doesn't work.

    Region filter shows black image after applying odd numbers of video filters.

    Can not specify a public folder on network for saving in project consolidate.

    Text display disappears when re-sizing XDSelect window.

    In-active D3D Overlay window is not updated.

    BIN window may not be able to make new title clips.

    EDIUS crashes when triming clips after changed settings of some transitions.

    EDIUS does not respond properly when forward and play using short cut keys.

    Can not delete VST pass in VST plugin settings.

    EDIUS crashes when a roll title of TMPro starts from 2nd page.

    TMPro makes the different aspect from project settings.

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    Be aware that this list has been published without authorisation, and is incomplete (not to mention badly-worded).

    A proper, official list will be presented once EDIUS v4.54 becomes available.


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      Kenneally, the posting (including the list) is from one of the official German TGV support members. So it's my understanding, that it is authorized.


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        Actually, they weren't really given permission to post that list, but that's a different story.