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Transfering titles betwen projects

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  • Transfering titles betwen projects

    I'm using Edius 3.62 and I'm wondering if it's possible to use titles either individually or as a group created in one project in another project.
    If so how do I transfer them.

    I am currently redoing the same titles each week in a news segment, the difference being the background images. I guess I'm just trying to save time.

    I'm using Titlemotion Pro but the titles are fairly basic.


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    Titles can be saved anywhere on your PC.

    I save reused titles and music on my system drive and copy to my RAID as projects require.

    Titles are easily emailed or shared in a Shared Folder.
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      With TMP open, FILE>SAVE AND EXIT> select the folder you wish to save in, put a meaningful name on it, and save it as you would any file.
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