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    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get answers for these?

    * 4:2:2 colour space

    * SDI ??? Not what it stands for, but it what it means.

    * Info on Mpeg compression (i.e. I, B frames, Groups of Pictures, streams...etc)

    Thanks - going to now also.
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    For info on chroma subsampling (e.g. 4:2:2) see this link:

    For HD-SDI see

    For MPEG2 info see

    It also might help to know why you're asking. Whatever that is, keep in mind that any one piece of technical information may not mean much without considering the entire context in which it occurs.
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      Cool thanks very much :) I forgot about wikki :)
      When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.


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        Man, such interesting stuff, but so nerdy at the same time.

        Okay, so colour space 4:4:4 is the shiz, but owning a camera that shoots that is like no chance. 4:2:2 is the reality shiz but expensive, and 4:2:1 is the new sony EX1???

        Understand IBP fully now :) And GOP's too. But why have the option to "enable GOP's", from what I read, wouldn't they be compulsary? Like a typical GOP is 15 frames, starting and ending with an "I" with B's and P's inbetween? What happens if this is not enabled???
        When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.


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          The Sony EX1 does 4:2:0 which is the same as DVD MPEG2 files and is equivalent to NTSC DV 4:1:1. PAL DV is 4:2:0

          The more color you havw, the better it looks and color correction and keying is easier. Of course that requires more bandwidth. If Sony upped the speed to 50mbps, Im sure they could do 4:2:2...but that shortens the space to record on the memory cards.


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            The first trick to finding answers is finding the right question (or query)... :)

            Here's one on color sampling (the 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:1:1 stuff)


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              Nice one - thanks. I particularly found the diagrams at the beginning of page 2 very helpful.
              When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.