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Not fluent in IPad

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  • Not fluent in IPad

    I have a person who would like me to transfer video clips and photos from his IPad for me to edit and turn into a dvd.
    I am having zero luck figuring out how.
    I did get to grab the video clips, but they all play upside down on my time line.
    I am using Edius 7.5 with Windows 10.

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    Just flip them over in layouter?
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      Had the same problem. Invert the clips in Edius using Mirror in the Effects pallette as I remember. You may also find that these clips have a variable frame rate,
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        I did get them flipped.
        Now I can't get the photos to transfer from the ipad.
        Apple sure doesn't make this easy.


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          Upload the photos or videos to dropbox or google drive and you can download them.


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            Originally posted by aim1
            Now I can't get the photos to transfer from the ipad.
            Apple sure doesn't make this easy.
            Yep, I used to just open the Mac folder and drag mp3 audio, photos to my PC. But, when they updated their iOS, they made sure you couldn't do that anymore. So, you have to buy 3rd party software. Nice, huh?
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              There are a number of apps that allow direct sharing from IOS devices and Windows PCs that are on the same network. Your IOS device effectively gets turned into a local FTP, and you can push and pull from there. Check out VLC for iOS.

              The biggest issue anyone will have with filming on iOS, is exactly what Harro has already said, VFR. There are a bunch of real cool apps that allow you to force a proper frame rate, get one of these before anything else.

              Here's an example of something shot on an iPhone with proper 25FPS, then edited in Edius. And no flipping the frames.

              PAUL STRAWSThe Crooked Branches FallWritten & performed by Paul Straws, produced by Jon Withnall, bass by Michael Bradshaw. (c) Paul StrawsThe video was film...

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