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Problem with sound in EDIUS with DVX card

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  • Problem with sound in EDIUS with DVX card

    Hello again. I used to work in EDIUS Pro (4.5 now) with EDIUS DVX card with RCA-Output to TV Monitor Input at home. Everithyng was working property. But one day when I disconnected my TV Monitor for some needs and started work in EDIUS without it I was surprised that no audio from timeline. It has, but no hearing.
    Didnt pay attention on it earlier. Has reinstalled EDIUS, card driver and sound card driver, thumbed through manual's and no result so far.
    So should it be or it is a problem?

    p.s. sound: SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio

    Thank u.
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    I'm unfamiliar with DVX, but if it's anything like NX you need to change your project settings to OCHI to use PC sound.
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      I have no idea what a DVX card is, but if it has a line out connector you should probably jumper it to your soundcard line in.
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