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creating multi-step action shortcuts

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  • creating multi-step action shortcuts

    Hi all.

    I would like to know if there is a way to create a shortcut for a multi-step action in Edius. A bit like Photoshop's recording action function, where one can record a job (adding a filter, then lowering the opacity for example) and assign it to an action, which can then be assigned to a hotkey. This is so that I can apply image stabilization to a clip with a hotkey, instead of dragging an effect onto the clip, then clicking to apply it. I am currently using Edius Pro 6.5, and we use the Mercalli plugin for image stabilization. We are upgrading to Edius 8 soon, so all this may be academic (if one can assign image stabilization to a hotkey in Edius 8 then I won't bother pursuing this inquiry).

    But it would still be helpful to know if this recording of a multi-step action is possible in Edius.

    Can anyone shed any light on this matter?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know if this will do what you want but take a look at it anyway. Version 7 will work for you.
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      I myself use Edius Macro Generator, it's not a Edius plugin but a Windows macro program that has been tailor for Edius Windows panels. Edius Macro Generator can't do things that Photoshop actions can do but it will work with all keyboard shortcuts commands and change the properties of a clip within Edius e.g. Audio gain, timeline clip colour, Aspect ratio, clip speed etc. A list of keyboard shortcuts commands and/or clip properties changes can be added to a button within the program (not Edius) or a keyboard shortcut.

      I hope in the future Edius will get customise buttons and script commands like Sony Vegas Pro. There are many hidden shortcut commands within Edius and it would be great if they could added to a customise button in the toolbar.
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