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Can't Stretch Audio Clips

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  • Can't Stretch Audio Clips

    I'm still on the upward learning curve for Edius. I upgraded from Neo to WK8 and have read or watched many tutorials. I can't figure this one out, though. When I add an audio clip to an audio track, I can't stretch or shrink it. No handles appear at either end. The same occurs if I add a video clip with sound to a video-only track with the audio getting added to an audio-only track. I can stretch or shrink that entire clip, including audio, but if I ungroup the audio from the video, I can alter the length of the video clip, but not the audio clip. Hopefully, there's a setting I've missed. Please see the attached screenshot.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry - I figured it out.


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      It would be useful if you were to post the solution that you have found.
      Other people with a similar problem may find this thread in the future and would like to know the solution that you found.
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        In case Sharon does not post the solution:

        Other users have reported the same problem. The solution was that in Edius WG8 you must point with your mouse not only to the left or right end of the clip, but also at the bottom area of that left or right end. Now Edius shows the same symbol as in older versions and you can drag or draw the clip's left or right ending as usual.
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          I'm sorry I was late in responding. And yes, I should have added my solution. It's exactly as described.... the cursor must be at the bottom of the clip. Not intuitive for me, but a big "whew" when it worked.

          In the meantime, I've having an even bigger probelm burning a blu-ray disc. I'll start a new thread. Thanks to everyone for their patience.