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NTSC to PAL conversion?

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  • NTSC to PAL conversion?

    Hi all, (still on EDIUS 3.6 for the moment).
    Does EDIUS 4.5x have the capability to convert NTSC SD to PAL SD? Whenever I try to change the Project Settings (I'm looking at the "trial" 4.5 version) there are no specs there to change to. I would surmise the footage would probably have to come in as PAL to switch PAL settings - is that correct? If so - do any of the ProCoder versions (Express or 2 or 3) convert? If not, does anyone know of a program that makes that conversion, for I have some European orders for PAL DVD's.
    Many thanks,
    Alan J. Levi

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    NTSC to PAL for DVD? if so, Tmpeg 4 Xpress will do that way better than anything else
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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      You need to setup a pal project and import ntsc footage, then there will be a conversion on output. Early versions of edius allowed a simple project switch, its a great loss!

      Edius has in some versions been great at ntsc/pal conversions in others not so good, I can't understand why the changes between versions, maybe a subtle 'engine' change



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        EDIUS converts on a clip-level, not a project level. Meaning, you can place PAL clips on an NTSC timeline without any extra work needed. You cannot change an NTSC timeline into a PAL timeline.

        (Such a feature has, actually, never been possible within a publicly available release of EDIUS, since day #1)