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I want to slow motion by 50% not 50.04%??

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  • I want to slow motion by 50% not 50.04%??

    Hi everyone,

    I'm haveing alittle problem at the moment with edius clip speed. I have a clip that I want to slow mo by 50% but for some reason edius keeps setting it at 50.0% it is vital that i acheive this or it wont look right.

    anyone have this problem or any suggestions in solving this?


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    Ahh ok solved it, just hat to reset to 100% then set to 50% and it worked hmmm..not sure why it did that in the first place tho.


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      Good question, but I have no answer.

      Perhaps the frame rate has something to do with how the additional fractions wind up tagged onto a speed change.
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        I suspect it's just that EDIUS (currently) forgets to hide the absolute value of percentage. Consider that in a division equation, frames cannot be a fraction - they must be a whole value.

        Although you request 50%, in the background, you may actually be getting 50.04% because the number of frames has to be rounded up or down. The GUI merely hides the additional .04% from your value...or at least, that's probably what it should be doing.

        Of course, if you choose instead to do a fit-to-fill on a time-based value, EDIUS wouldn't need to worry about hiding percentage fractions, because the user is probably expecting the result to include additional fractions of a percent.