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The problem of disappearance the work from the Time Line

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  • The problem of disappearance the work from the Time Line

    Do you encounter this problem could be solved

    Since noon today, and I'm doing a multi-camera editing
    In the middle of the action on the project, the program suddenly does not respond
    I gave him something I will wait until I come back without close the program
    But after more than 15 minutes I gave him did not respond to the closure order
    And re-run the program and went to automatic file saving
    But he did not regain any of part of the work and even the backup file could not return any part
    And now there is no part of the work done on the Time Line.
    I ask you to help me to retrieve what I got to work on the the Time Line
    AL-Jazeera Network CameraMan & Edit
    Dell 1600- Intel Xeon CPU E31225 3.10GHz -8GB -(GeForce GT 430 2G RAM)
    HDD 500G + 1.5 TB + EX-HDD 500G
    64bit win-Edius 5.0-Edius 6.1-Edius 6.55
    Digital Juice Effects -toolkit Pro 04 05 06 07 14 17 18 19 22 26 28 46 110 113 126 138 151
    THK 02 08 18 23 61 66 73 80 117 123
    Motion Designer's Toolkit 7
    hp ENVY 17" Leap Motion Laptop -Windows 8.1 64-bit- Intel Core i7-4702MQ -12GB - Graphics device 1: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M -HDD 1T + EX-HDD 1T -Edius 6.55